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How does New Media affect lifestyle YouTubers?

How to create a MediaKit for more Brand Deals on Youtube

Channel Notes discusses on her Youtube Channel on how MediaKits are the “new” way to get better platforms in your social media business. She is selling the idea of using this business strategy to gain the best way of having a better Youtube Channel.

Channel Notes is really suggesting a utopian view of technology. Looking into her channel she already has 74.7K subscribers, with 19,794 views on her video on how to create this MediaKit. The comment section is accepting of her idea, and it is difficult to tell apart who is wanting to try this idea because of the value it offers their business, vs. who is on board just because the name “Channel Notes” is promoting it.

Channel notes is hovering more towards the idea that technology will make the world better. The whole purpose of this video is to state all of the reasons that MediaKits make your social media experience better, and even more successful in a business aspect. Channel Notes shows how to build a template that lays out everything that you need to “sell” to a potential brand to collaborate, or to have them sponsor you. As well as adding relevant blog posts, similar brands that are working with your company, and even a clip of a video from your channel that shows how you reach your audience to sell their brand. All this points to her believing that the utopian view of technology will make the world, businesses, and social media entrepreneurs more successful as a whole.

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